Infants Program


The infant specific program focuses not only on the physical wellbeing of children but also on the emotional one. So by keeping it in mind, we provide intensive care to infants (aged between 3-17 months) and maintain a low teacher-child ratio which is crucial to respond to infants’ cue in a meaningful way. The centre has the environment in which children can move, explore and interact with things that are safe for them.

It is a period when children require some conversation with other human beings for their linguistic developments. Thus, our teachers also respond to their cue appropriately to develop their language skills. Except for that, the quality of physical care, feeding pattern, cognitive wellbeing is unmatchable at our center.

A place for curious minds to learn and develop

At Little Champs, we hold appropriate learning activities that are suitable for children who are in the initial stage of their development. Our equipment is attractive, intriguing and simple that persuade children to learn about them. All material is placed within reach of children so that it attracts them and after some efforts, they get it, which gives them a sense of achievement and make them happy; all these little stimulants are essential for the overall development of children. The centre’s environment is created in such a way that it gives them a sense of freedom, joy and happiness.

We always keep in mind to give individual care, love, protection and attention to every child in the centre. Our programs promote learning and development of infants in areas such as social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive without compromising their sense of self. Children always feel a sense of love, care, protection and happiness while staying at our centre. Children are born with a natural curiosity, and our centre supports this instinct that forms their personality. Thus, Little Champs is imperative for your developing kids.

Our ECE Infant Staff is educated and specialist in these areas:

  • Self-knowledge as preparation.
  • Human growth and development.
  • Observational skills to assist the development of each child.
  • Preparing responsive environments to meet the infant’s developmental needs.
  • Respecting daily routines and incorporating them into the infant’s curriculum.
  • Both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Respecting the infant as a person.
  • Respecting the environment as a resource for the infant’s development.
  • Taking responsibility to assist and protect the infant’s development.
  • Nurturing infants.

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