Toddler program


The toddlers’ program is carefully prepared to provide the environment that fulfils the unique needs of children between the age of 18 and 29 months. 5:1 students and teacher ratio is the most essential to give the required attention to children of this age. Classrooms are specially designed to accommodate the needs of children. Moreover, our centre also provides early childhood education to parents so that they can equip themselves with the right kind of knowledge which contributes to the holistic development of their children.

The Classroom environment has a variety of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment. Furniture is designed and arranged to provide maximum safety and facility to children. Material’s colour and design selected in a scientific way that arouses curiosity in children to learn and enjoy.

In addition to amazing classes, our teachers are well versed with children-specific knowledge. They understand how toddlers behave in a particular environment. If they seem that a child lacking in some areas, special attention is given to such toddlers.

The focus of this program is to foster children’s intellectual, language, social and motor skills. We also try to make toddlers self-reliant by them several pieces of training, including toilet training. The Little Champs’ toddler program is not just about giving instructions and guidelines but encourage young ones to interact, play and feel the material, which develops their knowledge related to structure and texture of things.

Our rich curriculum for Toddler’s is especially designed to:

  • Develop and strengthen fine and gross motor skills
  • Teach practical life skills and foster the beginning stages of independence
  • Instill confidence, kindness, grace and courtesy
  • Allow children to learn by doing, using all their senses to explore the world
  • Help joyfully instill social skills and cooperation

Our ECE Toddler Staff

The toddler teachers are experienced in endowing social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive skills. The knowledge of staff about child development and early childhood education make children easier to learn a new skill as teachers know how complex things toddlers can learn at this age. The ambient of the centre arouses a sense of joy and fun in children, not burdening them with new information and things. Every child has their capabilities to learn, so the program is made in a way that can be altered by a small modification to make it pertinent for a specific kid. The element of self-direct learning is a key component of our Philosophy.
In addition to work time, children participate in circle time. Circle time is an opportunity for children to learn orally in a collaborative environment. Teachers take this time to introduce new friends, teach months of the year, days of the week, show and share personal objects and many other activities. Children also learn to respect each other’s spaces and other social cues. It becomes critical as children’s transition to the preschool classroom.

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